Our Sponsors

Business Sponsorship

Why do we need Sponsors?

The MGFF, operating on behalf of the Middlesex Provincial Grand Lodge organise events each year to raise money for good causes. This has typically been through two main events, The Middlesex Grand Family Fete and the Winter Wonderland. Occasionally there has been a third event, Boxing.

There is also a Grand Lottery Draw, and tickets are sold throughout the province and the money raised also goes towards good causes.

In order to enable the MGFF to stage these events there are overheads that need to be paid for, in the case of the Grand Draw for example, the prizes that are offered. There are also other overheads that need to be covered, such as hiring in of toilets for the fete, advertising, and printing costs.

To pay for these overheads, the MGFF either has to take money out of the funds raised for good causes, or raise money through sponsorship.

Sponsorship, what’s included?

There is one level of annual sponsorship that will provide to the sponsor;

  • A box on the Front page of the MGFF website with your logo, company name, phone number, website address, and link to your own website for one year.
  • A box in the MGFF brochure printed for the fete showing your details. Depending on the size of the box required, determines the suggested donation amount (see below).
  • Your details will appear on our facebook platform that will be published to all our followers.
  • We will let you know how your support has helped us during the year by phone or digital means.

Sponsorship box sizes avalable in the fete brochure. 1/8 page, 1/4 page, 1/2 page, whole page.

How Much does it cost?

For a business or individual to sponsor us, we suggest a minimum donation of £200, however depending on the size of box required in our brochure the price increases. Please download our sponsorship pack for full details.

George Fraser LTD

Shako International

01344 636389

Fishermans Cabin

RB Hartland Grab Hire & Haulage

Harefield Embroidery

07769 221415

Superior Freight

01753 686863

P J Hyde Builders of Distinction

Snap Fitness 24-7

020 3441 1580

Electrical & Building Services Ltd

01895 676403